2015 May Be the Year to Try Out New Fashion Brands

2015 May Be the Year to Try Out New Fashion Brands

If you have been paying attention to the US national spending trends on clothing since 2011 you will notice that there has been some interesting changes in how the US, along with the rest of the world, shops for clothing. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics the Average Annual expenditures on Apparel shopping had been declining steadily since the 2011 annual average of $1,740 to a low point in 2013 annual average of $1,604, but in mid-2014 US apparel spending bounced back to annual average of $1,706 and is expected to continue to increase. During those same years a rebound trend was noticed in US made clothing which resulted in a 6.2% increase in sales.

Along with that The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) President and CEO Juanita D. Duggan announced in January/2015, "apparel and footwear contributed a record $361 billion to the U.S. economy in 2013, a bigger contribution than new cars, alcohol, toys, or practically any other industry."

So what does all this mean exactly? Are we spending less but now have more clothes? Is the American clothing manufacturing industry back on top? Well not really, even with the record breaking increase 97% of all apparel sold in the US is still imported. What it does mean is that consumers are out there spending again and are buying more products. The recession mixed things up in all industries and as we continue to bounce back from it, more and more fashion trends get moved around in the mix. A new economy brings in new opportunities for new ideas, new brands and new designs to enter the picture.

But was this shifting in the fashion industry by accident or by design? Interestingly enough in early June/2015 during an agricultural forum held by the World Trade Organization the US accused China for the surging polyester content of wardrobes the world over as they claimed China has been stockpiling huge amounts of cotton for years which has led to "an increase in the use of polyester to the detriment of all cotton-producing countries."

Other accusations said were that China is paying out huge subsidies to its cotton sector, about $5.1 billion in the 2013-2014 growing season. Between these outlays and its stockpiling, China is causing cotton prices to plunge on the international market altogether.

But is that the only reason prices have fallen? Maybe not, as China also cut back on its cotton imports which left much more cotton for the rest of the world to purchase and they also improved their polyester's quality over the years thanks to declining oil prices, which would make polyester cheaper as China exports massive amounts of.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Well regardless of the country relations there is one thing that is evident, as clothing materials have gotten cheaper the quality for lesser known brands have gotten better. This has opened up the door for other international countries to sell their products to world consumers, such as the small up trend of the South American 'Butt-lift' jeans, which have found a market in Canada, Australia and certain parts of the US.

Another trend that has been seen is lesser known brands have benefitted from this quality increase which allows them to openly compete with bigger brands. Smaller brands also experienced a large growth in Google searches between mid-2014 and mid-2015 like; Cello Jeans (68% average search increase in 12 months), GJG Denim (31% average search increase in 12 months), Flying Monkey Jeans (86% average search increase in 12 months) and Silver Diva Jeans (24% average search increase in 12 months).

So what are you waiting for? Try a new bold or fierce brand today and open up your wardrobe to the new Fashion possibilities as 2015 promises to be the year of fashion trend changes.
The Working and the Lifestyle of Models

The Working and the Lifestyle of Models

The fashion industry is one of the booming industries in the world nowadays and it is only because of this reason that the people associated with this industry are also becoming fast popular. There are a lot of models who are associated with the world of fashion and there are different categories in which they can be separated. One such part of the fashion industry is the world of lingerie which is no doubt becoming one of the biggest parts of the fashion world. Fifty years from now, no could have imagined that men and women would throng the rows at beaches and halls to watch models in fashionable bras and panties which make them hot and sexy. In the recent years it has also been found that models who have been the representative of the lingerie world have become quite popular among people and they are also seen as trendy and fashionable icons among people. There are quite a few names from this world that can be taken as examples for those who are looking to make a career in this field. The lingerie models of today are seen as ladies that have the best of bodies and at the same time they are sexy and bold enough to carry themselves in hot lingerie that attract the attention of both men and women.

The lingerie industry has always been in conversation among people and this is mainly because of the fact that it is an industry that keeps on changing as it is the exciting world of women’s underwear. For girls who want to become lingerie models, they need to work on toning their body in such a way that it automatically catches the attention of the people. The body should not only be well shaped but at the same time it should also carry the boldness and the effort to make such attempts that can catch the attention of the people.

The same advice goes for the fitness models as well because the fitness models are also supposed to maintain a good body and at the same time they are also supposed to follow a good diet in terms of the food that they eat. The body shape and the look is something that is very important for the fitness models and therefore it becomes very important for these models to go for regular workouts at the gym or start with the practice of working out at home. It is very essential for the models to learn the tricks that are considered to be of great help in the modeling industry. They should have the caliber and also the quality of promoting themselves while they are learning and at the same time knowing to impress the right people in the industry. The first step for the girls who are willing to become fitness models is to shed off their body fat and get slim and sexy. The good health of a fitness model is also something that has to be looked over because if she is not able to keep her health in good condition, she will prove to be of no help for her followers.
Why Fashion Design Industry Is So Hot

Why Fashion Design Industry Is So Hot

Today fashion refers to big business. The fashion design industry is among the most attractive and fascinating industries. Have a look at the following to know how this industry works.

Simple definition of fashion:

Fashion is the way of life for many peoples. It reflects one's attitude, personality, life style and approach towards life. It also refers to the specific way of dressing which is wearied by folks on an international or national level.

Style isn't restricted to only dressing. Anything with the touch of phenomenal and the hint of class something that grabs one's sight immediately, stylish and visually catchy. Therefore, style is the phenomenon that keeps on changing everyone's lives worldwide. These days' people have access to all-inclusive range of accessories, fashionable dresses and gadgets that they wouldn't even thought of.

Today people have adopted style to design themselves to the way they wish to look. Whatever people use or wear these days is the thing of scrutiny and great speculation. Fashion industry network has entered every sphere of people's lives, from caps to shoes. The style awareness and the requirement for new, fresh ideas and concepts now and then have chipped in this industry a great rise.

Style is exposing on the individual level. It gives the insight of what one aims to be. It as well provides the insight of who the individual is. People's style defines occupation and ethnicity too. Many women feel that it is not essential to keep an eye on the new fad to look stylish. Style is the personal reflection of mood, attitude, status, or the individual concept of fashion.

Latest trends

The latest trend could be described as at any given point of time the latest style being followed. Latest trends always keep on changing now and then. This changing attribute makes them a dynamic and challenging industry. The thing which is considered as 'popular' today isn't going on for 2 months, or maybe 12 months down the line. Style gets ahead on the way of discovering the intangible requirements of people over the world, and materializing these types of very needs into styles.

Factors which influences the latest trends

Style/festivals events

Films/celebrities and some other media

Rise in family income

Geographical weather/location

Need for change

Innovative technologies

Women's apparel industry includes:




Customers and

Others like predictor, colorist, illustrator, fashion models etc.

Fashion design industry

This Fashion design industry is the big platform for people to get access to the wide range of stylish products. It not alone represents the apparel and textile industries, however as well the accessories which feature in the people's wardrobe comprising jewelry, headgear and footwear. This is actually a creative industry which always has innovativeness, nonstop change and progressive technology.
Changing Your Style with women Designer Bags and Shoes

Changing Your Style with women Designer Bags and Shoes

If we talk about women, nothing interests them more than refilling their wardrobes every now and then. With mere mention of a party or an event, they start working on the list of items to be bought. Some men believe, to make a woman happy, stun her with a new outfit or treat her with a designer handbag. However, with busy work schedules, it is sometimes difficult to go shopping. Well, this situation can be readily worked upon with the availability of websites offering fabulous collections of bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and other items as well. These websites are a home to a huge segment of brands and offer most astounding collections of designer wardrobe collections, bags, jewelry and a lot more. With online availability it becomes easy for buyers to shop anytime and anyplace.

If we talk about ladies bags, some women like them big and spacious ones, some like sling styled, while some like chic handbags. Nowadays, it is possible to fuse your choice of bags most astoundingly with your outfits. Also, you can select your desired ladies handbag from a broad and vibrant color palette. Most women love to sport same hued bags which go best with their outfits. Well, with just few clicks away, you can galore as many items you want to. Also, you can check most recent additions in a matter of few seconds.

Earlier, Paris and Milan fashion streets were famous for their exotic bag, shoes or dress collections. But, in a decade's time, UK is not far behind. With unparalleled team of fashion designers, fashion is everywhere. You can now buy ladies bags in UK through online portals. Also, if you are not based in UK, then you can look forward to offshore shipping services as well. Most of these web stores offer their cherished belongings at discounted prices. Since, no one likes cluttered shopping styles, here at online portals, you can take as much time as you want till you get desired items to shop for.

Well, it would not be wrong to say that a woman looks incomplete without matching heels or shoes which best compliments her dress. In order to stun your loved ones, it is advisable to lay hands upon classy shoes or sandals to complete your look. Interestingly, you can select and buy latest editions of blowfish shoes in UK. These shoes are best to go with your knee-length gowns. The vast collection includes stylish pumps, plimsolls and embellished sandals reflecting the sand sea and surf of California coast. The brand also flaunts its mid calf boots to give you a trendy look. If you do not want to strain your knees by wearing heels, you can check out their flats collections. Add trademark and street credibility to your makeover!
Paris Fashion Week Fall and Winter 2015

Paris Fashion Week Fall and Winter 2015

Let it be that milestone moment of Donatella Versace sitting front row for Vaccarello's first collection, since officially being appointed Versus Versace creative director, to begin Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015. Unlike New York fashion week's oversize jumpers shrugging loosely over models' shoulders, Paris seemed to reside in the tailored world of blacks. Vaccarello's recent travels to the American West brought a, somewhat, rock 'n' roll vibe, where subtle, and not-so-subtle, metal stars encroach on the dresses of the collection. However, Vaccarello's signature cutouts became a focal point - slim industrialized half-belts resting on the waist and the harsh angular shoulders formed the dominatrix attitude that now proceeds to challenge the sensuality of Italian craftsmanship.

Disproportionate wafts of felt, poplin, ribbed knits and corduroy stitched together, as a naïve youth would have done in Kindergarten art class, came hand in hand with the bare breasted models of Parisian fashion label Jacquemus' collection. Unlike the usual orange pink hues and geometric aptitude of designer Simon Porte, this Fall collection dwells in the far-from-systematic realms of fashion land, where his style of dilapidated chaos is swooned over. Nevertheless, this seemingly childish parcel of amusement had an added visionary texture. Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Bieniek's "Doublefaced" series was central inspiration in Lyne Desnoyers, MAC makeup artist's, graphic kohl facial art that endearingly complimented the abstract jigsaw puzzle atmosphere.


Camouflaging in the psychedelic realm that could easily be mistaken for the sixties, Raf Simons', of Dior, F/W 2015 collection traversed into an intoxicating vibrancy that could only be described as an ode to Austin Power's infamous mojo. One of which radiated sexuality, nevertheless, subdued in the refined tailoring of Dior craftsmanship. A skintight suit of fluorescent orange, moss green and white marbling, sultry in stature, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the acrylic-like mesh high neck, sleeveless tops in washed greens and pinks were paired with ink blotted mid calf skirts, broke up the bright colour blocking and brought back elements of the clean-cut atmosphere from Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear.

On another note, however, Simon's collaborative effort with Danish Textile Company Kvadrat came with a sophisticated tweak, as androgynous suits and F/W coats were constructed with tweed combinations of soft pastels and condiment colours of mustard and tomato.

Although, in this ordered disorder of fanciful design, what seemed to be the focus, and presumably the next style phenomenon in the 2015 fashion game, was the vinyl knee-high and ankle boots. Paired with the seemingly Veruschka-like inspired doll-eyed, "color-blocked arches of opaque eye shadow", the collection of boots glossed there way up to the pinnacle of fashion heaven.


Pleats, stripes and diamond tassels are back, according to Oliver Rousteing of world-renowned fashion label Balmain. With a fifty-piece collection, Rousteing took an alternate route after last years Fall/Winter khaki and leather basket weave constructions.

The recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, however, "celebrate[s] that Parisian tradition as well as the evolution of [the] city into a truly global melting pot." This collection is of passionate colour, not only visually but also conceptually. At first glance, under the dim yellow hues of the runway lights, the seventies inspired flares and breaths of diamond-stringed fabric in coral, mustard and fuchsia seemed to be one of the cool and groovy nature. However, Rousteing released a statement to journalists where he spoke about recent events in Paris, and so, "that open-minded spirit" and "defending essential liberties" is a driving force of the seventies inspired diversity and strength.

Each design came out empowering and unwavering; nevertheless, still bringing a soft pleated touch in the high-waist pants and the envious gleam of the audiences' eyes seemed to reflect off the kaleidoscopic copper-beaded fringing. One cannot fault the precision to detail and pure talent of such an influential designer in our generation, one that will continue, year after year, to incite, intrigue and shock the fashion world.
Top Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

Top Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

I love that no matter where you're going and what the dress code is, that it can take just one fantastic piece of jewellery to make all the difference. Whether big, small, sparkling, subtle or anything in between; the right piece of jewellery can help make any outfit, the perfect outfit.

Like fashion, the jewellery industry is constantly undergoing changes and every season there are always the latest and greatest trends to keep up with! Whether you prefer to keep it simple and stick with what you know or like me, you're always on the lookout to see what the world's leading designers now have up their sleeves, it is always fun keeping up with the latest trends.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings have and always will be a part of a woman's jewellery box but the style is something that can change so easily. Whether you prefer to stick to the timeless classics or not, why not have a look at this seasons upcoming jewellery trends, you never know you might actually find something you like...
  • Statement Earrings- Remember the 90's trend of mismatched earrings? Well that trend is well and truly back! I remember seeing a lot of women wear one feather earring and one stud and this season you'll see a very similar style. Some of the biggest designers have released their own takes that include different colours, different shapes and completely different sizes... it's like we've gone back in time!

  • Choker Necklaces- Speaking of going back in time, I can never quite forget the good old days where choker necklaces where worn by anyone and everyone and today, as seen on the runway shows at the biggest Fashion Week's across the globe; the choker necklace is making a massive comeback. Big named designers have created some amazing pieces that include extra large chokers made from metals, feathers and even gems. Think outlandish, standout pieces and you'll get the idea!

  • Cuffs- It seems a "bigger is better" theme is running through this seasons jewellery trends as cuffs are making a comeback too! Again, different designers have offered their own takes but there is a lot on offer; from feather and leather watch cuffs to large metal bracelets that have statement slogans, this is definitely going to be a standout jewellery season.
Whether you prefer to stick to the or like to change things now and again; there are always new jewellery trends to keep up with!

I like to consider myself a lover of the classic styles and the unbeatable diamond jewellery but also enjoy paying close attention to what new trends are around whether for a little inspiration or just to satisfy my curiosity and more often than not, I always stumble across something interesting!

Who said jewellery can't be exciting?
Prom Gown Trends for 2015 - Never Miss Out on Glam Styles

Prom Gown Trends for 2015 - Never Miss Out on Glam Styles

The present season calls for dresses that are classy, elegant and flowing and we cannot miss out on the amazing range of new arrivals in stock. Do it, please, if not done till now. This is what you will probably be hearing now. It is never too late. Online shopping destinations are now winding up their last-minute sale of some of the best attires for prom 2015.

The affordable dresses to look for, are the ones having seductive cuts and silhouettes. 'Faviana' style Tailor Swift inspired prom dress can give you the right idea of what is hitting the trend for 2015. It has a mermaid silhouette and is pretty with embellishments on the overall dress with spaghetti straps and a deep V neckline. Cap sleeves are the definite show stealers, this season. The trends include one shouldered with cap sleeve admirable styles, tutu length skirts with detachable long gowns, fringed hemlines and the asymmetrical cuts are quite dominant.

Layers of textured fabric, which was mostly seen in elegant ball gowns, is now found in sheath styles and mermaid cut dresses. Many couture designers and fashion boutiques are offering all time favorite and eternal styles in laces which are still in fashion for this year too. There are lace dresses in red colors, sleeveless version styles that have lace embellishments, the jump style V neck longer length outfits and long lace appliqué dresses.

White is the color of choice for this season and prom events will see a lot of whites this time. If you thought the color ivory and white is associated with the wedding theme and color, then you are mistaken as this color is now used on prom gowns as well. White will surely make you stand out. The latest are in stretch mesh styles with illusion top. Prom gowns are available with a sweetheart designer neckline with its two-tone of white mixed with another season color to go well with the trend. The jersey style is soon emerging as a big bonus for prom shoppers with something different that is tried on for prom.

Those wanting to go for the budget friendly will be surprised, as gowns within trendy colors, silhouettes and celebrity inspiring designs, can now be availed in discounts and rebates of all sorts. You can also look for free prom giveaways organized that also hold much of the season's trendy accumulation of some most yearned for styles. You can look for Vintage collection yesteryear gowns and select your dream dress with Vintage styles or designs simply fused together with some trendy cuts. Web sites are also offering weekly special dresses with considerably lower and discounted prices.

Go ahead and make a careful selection only after you go through the trends in fashion. Prom will be your day and make it all the more brighter by adding a trendy dress to your wardrobe. Never miss out on anything that is trendy, especially before you select your mesmerizing prom gown from the latest fall 2015 collection.